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James Monroe

In the last several years, Brian has demonstrated reliability, excellent work quality, an affable personality, and a diversity of skills in helping us with both repairs and renovations of our home(s)…our primary residence and our rental duplex in the Spyglass area. He has very capably done interior renovations which required detailed designing and building in our home’s primary living areas. He has built a fence for us, enclosed a patio for one of our duplex units and has repainted most of the areas in this residence. He has installed kitchen sink fixtures, garbage disposals, etc. in both our primary residence and the duplexes, and installed a very handsomely finished gliding barn door in our primary residence, dividing our living room from the front hallway. Several months ago we highly recommended Brian to close friends of ours, one of whom is a well known architect in Eugene and, of course, has very standards in the building trades. Our friends were ecstatic about Brian’s skillful work in his addition of a very attractive, large, enclosed from porch, visibly extending across the front of the house in their College Hill neighborhood. Brian well deserves a 5 star rating!!